About Us

Each of our 6 Kitty Condos have carpeted shelves, clawing posts, climbing logs and other mental stimulation. They are each 3 ft. x 4 ft x 6 ft high so unlike the vet’s office or other places you have brought your cat, she/he won’t be stressed out because they are in a small, small cage. They won’t be listening to other cats and dogs that are in pain, whining or upset. This is a quiet place and they will love it.  It is unfortunate that you are traveling but to make sure they are happy when you are gone is very important.  We are licensed and insured. Rocky and I have had cats and dogs for 23 years. We just lost our Miss Kitty three weeks ago and she was 22 years old. She was a beautiful Ragdoll that went everywhere with us. She had gotten kidney disease 3 years ago and we were so happy that we had her for another 3 years. We currently have 6 cats and 4 dogs. We love each and every one of them as though they are our children. We have never had human kids but always furry kids.

It is $19 a night and if your cat stays here for more than a week, we will give you a 10% discount. We can take pictures or a video for you and send it to your phone or by You Tube so you can see how your furry baby is doing while you are gone. If you are bringing a 2nd cat, it is only an additional $10. We can arrange to come and pick up your cat if it is within a 25 mile radius or come by and check us out.
Please call and set up an appointment before you come out.



When my husband and I used to go on business trips or on cruises, we always called back to talk to them over the phone and make sure they were doing OK so this is peace of mind for you knowing and seeing that your kitty is happy.  The Kitty Condos are big enough where if you have two cats, they will be happy being together.  We feed them grain free, natural food from Taste of the Wild but we can feed them the food you give us. We live in Lenore which is 14 miles East of Lewiston. It is a secure, peaceful place on the side of a bluff so be assured quiet for your kitties at night when they are sleeping. .When we do cleaning we use non toxic cleaning products so be assured there will be no bleach or ammonia or Lysol which is dangerous for them. We have an EPA approved disinfectant made with thyme, lemons and tea tree oil.

We can come and pick up your cat for an extra $15 charge or you can bring them here and check out their new “cat digs”. You will be happy to see they have the large spacious enclosures and will see this as a cat vacation  for them when you are gone.  We currently work with animal rescues, especially Orphan Acres in Viola, ID.  Brent Glover has been rescuing and rehoming abused horses for 39 years. See our website which is www.earthandanimalwellness.com

We are happy to serve you and take care of your furry child while you are away.

Thank you and have a great Kitty day!!