The Kitty Condos is a labor of love making sure your kitty is happy and secure while you are away on vacation, a business trip or need a place when an emergency hits your household.

Silky and Hunter are licking and kissing each other.

Here are two of our 7 cats loving on each other. Our cats are all so comfy and cozy. 6 of our 7 cats can ago outside but we make sure they come inside so they are safe at night. We have a cabin for our barn cats and we have a 5th wheel for two of our other cats.

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Here I am with Waylynn.

This is Waylynn. We saved her after she has been living in the attic of a barn. She had been surviving on mice and she was pregnant. She had 5 kitties. They will be 3 years old in March. We lost one of them due to kidney disease. The others are healthy and happy.

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This is beautiful Waylynn sleeping and cozy.

Waylynn, the Mommy of our 4 cats is a very special kitty. She is very smart. We think she will be about 3.5 years old in March. She was about 6 months old when we found out she was pregnant. She is very sweet.

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